Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010


SO It's been awhile.....

With time constraints and Technical difficulties I've managed to get 6 of 9 Scenes fully animated. The last two.5 won't take me longer than a couple of days but without them the story isn't told very clearly...So here it is....Life with the Shutters. It will be at least two months before it's completed.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SOOOOO about the story

I was having Trouble with the story. It was way too long.So I had a meeting with some helpful creative friends of mine and was able to condense the story hopefully what will be under two minutes long. Unfortunately this means I have lost one of the characters. Teen, the folding camera is no longer a character in the story. This will allow maximum bonding time between the youngest girl Page and Steps the Polaroid camera. I'm really excited I should have an updated draft by next week.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Artist Bio / Inspiration

My love for animation, like most others, started by falling in love with Disney movies at a very young age. These interests and affection for art landed me in an art magnet High-school in Miami, Florida called “Design and Architecture Senior High.” Here I was able to develop my skills and broaden my horizons in different fields of design. My affinity for costume design granted me the ability to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, New York. I fell in love with New York City, but after some internships and a merchandising job, I found myself missing the fun that comes with the creation of art. The costuming aspect of films is filled with more styling and buying wardrobe than actually creating something new from scratch. I finished my Associates Degree and returned to Miami to figure out what the next step was. When I returned, I visited my old high-school and some of the teachers pointed me in the direction of the College for Creative Studies.

Upon my first semester I already felt like I was on the right path. My basic studies in art were renewed and I was delighted to be creating again. Creating worlds in three dimensional forms is much more rewarding. Being a part of the development of a film that will reach the masses is overwhelming. I like the idea that I could one day influence someone the way films have influenced me. Films, animated or live action, have been a part of my daily life since I can remember. As a child I use to pick out one movie a week and fall asleep to it every night.

I find that even bad films can teach you what you don’t like about films and what to stay away from. Watching movies for me is an emotional experience. I’ve always had trouble dealing with emotion. I felt when I zoned out while watching a film that I was meditating and allowing the film to consume me with whatever overpowering feeling it was portraying. The fact that a film can involve the viewer so much that the audience will react according to what is going on on-screen astonishes me. It’s the reason I want to be a part of the film industry.

Maybe because the complexity of my personal life, I tend to lean towards complex projects; raising the bar just that much higher. My work is in three dimensional form and has a realistic style, which again I feel will help influence the viewer. It gives the audience visual stimuli that they can directly relate to. I have always been a fan of making something realistic, surreal. It’s the root of my art. I like taking something I have direct reference to and modifying into another dimension.

Because of my mother’s influence, I have formulated very strong opinions over the years on almost any topic. Though they are rooted in my mind, there is always room for upheaval and growth. I can find my reference from inanimate objects to people. I enjoy having conversations with a diverse group. Because I have worked in hospitality for almost 7 years I have been able to meet all kinds of people. If I ever need to invoke any type of character, I feel that I have a good foundation for shaping their image correctly. If I lack the knowledge to do so I will find it. There are an infinite amount of perspectives in the world. It is like hearing all sides of a story. Because I have been able to see the basic influence, my family, for the Shutters first-hand, I have been able to capture each characters essence. That is why I feel that in order to continue growing as an artist; I need to continue learning different cultures by traveling, watching more films, and simply experiencing life. I feel that animation is a way for creating alternate lives. How can I give life to new worlds if I haven’t even explored my own? Therefore, I will continue to trudge up the mountain and hopefully one day I’ll be able to look down and see all I’ve created and all I’ve influenced.

The Shutters takes every facet of myself and creates a short film out of my lifetime becoming an artist. I’ve taken the most influential parts of myself, my family and film, and driven all my emotion and energy into a very fulfilling project. The project itself is tedious and complex: how I feel life is. Life is not some easy journey that we nonchalantly carry through and become easily accomplished or fulfilled. It is a slope that we bravely conquer or quickly plunder to the depths. The choice is ours to continue. Therefore, I trudge forward. Maybe my work won’t create world peace or provide the answer to the ultimate question, but perhaps it will only improve the quality of life and give someone an emotional break for a couple of minutes from their stressful day.